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The self-proclaimed China’s #1 Water Town is worth a visit. With a small entrance fee of 100 RMB (about $20 CAD), Zhouzhuang is like a small Venice. Entering from the parking lot, you can either walk to the actual town or take a boat. We opted for the first and found ourselves walking through empty (and relatively new) shop spaces. Focused on the tower, the 15 minute walk led us straight to the gates where we showed our tickets and officially entered.


On a Tuesday, it was quite quiet contrary to reviews about weekend visits filled with crowds. While many shops lined the streets, it was refreshing to be away from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai. While the town is small, there is a recommended walking path and a lot to explore. In addition there is quite a bit of interesting food. I would recommend the tofu pudding, which is a sweet dessert. “Sour milk”, which is basically yoghurt, is also very popular and comes in a cute container!


At one point, we even found ourselves in the alley of some homes, giving us a closer look of how the locals live. After walking, we went on a gondola ride. Priced at 120 RMB and seating up to 6 people, I would highly recommend it. The gondola person may even offer to sing 3 songs for a little more. The stores lining the river are mostly restaurants and bars, many have free karaoke. Though we left before nightfall, I imagine it could be pretty lively to have a drink after dinner.


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