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Check In: Sapporo City Travel Guide

Sapporo City Travel Guide

Here is our Sapporo city travel guide! Sapporo is the capital and also the largest city in Hokkaido, Japan. As one of the newer cities of Japan, it lacks age in it’s architecture but makes up for it with additional green space. We have listed our must eats and dos in Sapporo, followed by a recommended day trip out to Otaru. This Sapporo city travel guide is designed to help you get around and get the most out of your trip.

Sapporo Travel Guide

 To Eat

  • Sapporo Bier Garten – You can’t visit Sapporo without stopping by the Beer Garden. Even if you don’t drink beer, it is worth taking a stroll through the museum and then having a meal at one of the restaurants. We chose the Kessel Hall, a beer hall, to have their specialty, “Jingisu Kan”. It refers to a method of preparation of lamb on a domed hot plate where you cook vegetables thinly sliced lamb. It’s an all you can eat and drink meal. Our favourite beer was the Sapporo Classic which is only available in Sapporo. You don’t want to miss out on it!

Sapporo Travel GuideConveyor belt sushi:

  • Nagoyaka Tei (なごやか亭) – Locations for the chain may not be the most ideal but it’s definitely worth the extra trek. They serve high quality sushi at reasonable prices and there is a warm atmosphere to the restaurant! Although we didn’t speak any Japanese, everyone is very helpful in making our experience as easy and enjoyable as possible! They are well known for their “Kobore-Zushi” which translates to spilling-over sushi. Accompanying the dish is a taiko drumo performance!
  • Nemuro Hanamaru – Connected to Sapporo Station, this is a convenient and budget friendly option. Lines are long so we recommend you line up for a number and take a stroll in the connected malls while you wait!

Sapporo Travel Guide

  • Cheesecake tart: Kinotoya Bake – Conveniently located inside Sapporo Station, it’s a great quick grab for any trip. The tarts are a good size that it doesn’t taste extremely heavy but you still get the satisfaction of a creamy and crispy cheese tart!

 To Do

Sapporo Travel Guide

  • Otori Park – One of the most famous parks in Sapporo, it is a narrow strip which extends approximately a kilometer. Occasionally you will find festivals being held in the area, otherwise it makes for a lovely stroll
  • Susukino District – One of Japans largest entertainment districts
  • Clock tower – Oldest building in Sapporo
  • Hokkaido Shrine – Located within Maruyama Park, the shrine is a short walk from the entrance to the park. During cherry blossom season, this is one of the best places for viewing

Sapporo Travel Guide

  • Sapporo Chikagai – Underground shopping; connecting Odori subway station and
    Susukino subway station, it offers a variety of shops

Getting Around

  • Subway – A convenient way to travel within the city. There are 3 lines which all connect at Odori Station
  • JR – One of the main methods into Sapporo, it is the best way to get to surround towns and cities

 Day Trip – Otaru

Sapporo Travel GuideSapporo Travel Guide

  • Canal area – A must see when you’re in Otaru. The beautiful canal is lined with rustic warehouses and cherry blossom trees at one end. Along the canal you will find artists setting up shop!
  • Sakaimachi Street – Located at the centre of the town, Sakaimachi Street is filled with food and souvenir shops! Make sure to make a stop in one of the many tea shops and bakeries! There is always a small sample of a variety of items, you never know what you’ll find! Our favourite include LeTao teas and the Royce souvenir shop

Sapporo Travel Guide

That concludes our list of what to eat and what to do in our Sapporo city travel guide! See something that should be on the list? Visited one of these places and want to write about it? Have some more questions? Leave us a comment below!

Stone & Fern is a travel and lifestyle blog started by friends who have a passion for exploring cities, capturing moments, and trying new food. This is part of our Checking In city guides series. To see more of Asia, click here.

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