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Over the years I’ve been traveling more often and each time I learn something new about what and how to pack. I thought I’d share with you my top 3 travel essentials that I pack regardless of the destination. I hope this list will you give you a little insight on the way I travel and can maybe help you as well. Let me know what you think and feel free to suggest some of your own to aid fellow travelers! To see Janice’s top 5 travel essentials, click here.

my top 3 travel essentials

1. Portable Charger

I always have a portable charger on hand. There have been too many times where my phone dies midday. This way I’ll always have a charged phone in case of emergencies. I find it is also handy for traveling over long distances when you don’t have access to an outlet. Here are two that I’ve personally purchased for myself and as gifts. With my experience depending on the phone, with the Anker I get 1-1.5 charges and the Aukey I get 1.5-2 chargers. This is due to the difference in the battery capacity.

my top 3 travel essentials

2. Running Shoes

To be honest, I don’t remember the shoes I used to bring on trips when I was younger. My faint memory tells me running shoes was not an essential. I think it’s mostly because walking was not a big part of my trips as a kid. Nowadays walking is my favourite part of trips. I love exploring a city using public transport and walking through the little streets. I can’t live without my running shoes and I must have a pair on every trip I go.

My current go-to’s are the Nike Free Runs. I own three pairs and I’m debating on a fourth. They are comfy and light and provide support for my long distance walking. Every now and then I’d also bring my Natives along because they are waterproof. It’s nice for when you know you still have to walk outside when it’s raining.

my top 3 travel essentials

3. Cross-body bag

I’m always on the lookout for a good cross-body. On top of my backpack and or purse, I’ll always have a cross body while I travel. With my camera already weighing a couple pounds, there are always days I want to travel with as little as possible. My favourite is a small cross-body that fits my wallet, phone, napkins (because I’m clumsy) and charger. I also like using a cross-body while carrying my camera because I can keep my valuables close to me while I’m taking phones and don’t have to constantly keep a hand on my bag.

There are two bags which I’ve taken on vacation and found are very practical in size. Not only did it carry my essentials, there was always room for extra things! Both bags have multiple compartments. This is something I look for in every bag because it lets me separate my belonging and basically spread out my essentials. The style is no longer available but Fossil and Roots have some very similar styles.

Stone & Fern is a travel and lifestyle blog started by friends who have a passion for exploring cities, capturing moments, and trying new food. To see Janice’s top 5 travel essentials, click here.

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