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Pass for Getting Around Osaka

When deciding on what to do in Osaka, it is important to think about how to get there. Taxi drivers do not always speak English and can be quite costly. If you are planning on relying on public transportation for getting around Osaka, a pass might be a good idea. Here are a number of different options of passes and how to use them to their fullest value.

JR Pass

If you are traveling between Tokyo and Osaka, you probably have a JR pass. The JR pass can only be used on the Osaka Loop Line, which may make getting around Osaka a little difficult if you restrict yourself to the JR. It is also important to note that you choose a hotel or AirBnb that is located near a JR station – anywhere on the Osaka Loop Line. However, we would highly recommend Osaka Station and Nanba Station. The JR Pass will take you to Kyoto, Nara, Himeji, and more.

Kansai Thru

If you do not have a JR Pass, do not fret. The Kansai Thru Pass is makes getting around Osaka and beyond easy (especially if you`re flying in from Kansai Airport!). It is available as a 2 day (4,000 yen for Adult, 2,000 yen for Child) or 3 day (5,200 yen for Adult, 2,600 yen for Child) pass and includes rides on  a majority of subways, railways, and buses in Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka. Furthermore, you can visit Nara, Wakayaman, Himeji, and other locations throughout the Kansai district. One differentiating factor of this pass is that the 2/3 days can be broken up into nonconsecutive days! You can buy the Kansai Thru Pass at the visitor information center in Umeda and Namaba and a number of other locations, but make sure you bring your passport along for the purchase.

Osaka Amazing Pass

The Osaka Amazing Pass is a 1 day or 2 day pass that not only includes all public transportartion for getting around Osaka but free entry into 28 different attractions including the Osaka Castle Main Tower and Floating Garden Observatory. It costs 2,300 yen for 1 day or 3,000 yen for 2 days and is available at the stationmaster’s office in each subway station. It must be used on two consecutive days. Here is a list of attractions that the Osaka Amazing Pass covers.

Osaka Kaiyu Ticket (Osaka City)

The Osaka Kaiyu Ticket is a must if you are planning on visiting the Kaiyukan Aquarium. This one-day pass costs 2,550 yen for an Adult but includes unlimited entry into the Kaiyukan Aquarium (2,300 yen value) and unlimited transportation on the subway, trams, and busses. In addition, the pass includes discount tickets to attractions like the Tempozan Giant Ferris Whee and Santa Maria cruise ship. Alternatively, if you need to take the train, you can add on a railroad company of your choice. You cannot buy this ticket at the aquarium, but it is available cash-only at the stationmaster’s office at every subway station.

Osaka Visitors’ Ticket

Priced at 550 yen for one day, the Osaka Visitors’ Ticket is only available for use only on the subway. This ticket is available directly at the ticket gate. If looking to also use trams and busses, an alternative is the Eco Card (800 yen regularly but 600 yen on weekends and holidays). You can buy the Eco Card  at the ticket vending machine at the station. Both the OVT ticket and Eco Card include discounts to popular sightseeing and tourist attractions.

Have any other questions about getting around Osaka? Let us know in the comments below. Check out our Osaka city guide here to find out what to do and eat in this city!

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