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Cinque Terre

Located along the Italian Riviera, Cinque Terre is an European gem. The name translates directly to  “five lands”: Monterosso Al Mare, Rio Maggiore, Vernazza, Manarola, and Corniglia. While many recognize it for its colourful houses, this region is also special due to the fact that it is not accessible by car. As a result, these villages are the perfect getaway from the city!

Travel Cinque Terre

Getting Around

To move from town to town, we recommend hiking. Though the hikes can take up between 1-2 hours, they offer a refreshing view of the coast. Appropriate clothing, footwear, sunscreen, and a water bottle are essential to your survival. The trails take you alongside the terraced vineyards and over small streams. The most well-known section of the hike is between Riomaggiore and Manarola: the Love Walk (Via dell’Amore). The prolific stone kissing figures and padlocks can be found on this walk. However, scan the forecast before you plan your trip as rain-induced landslides often close the trails.

Travel Cinque Terre
Travel Cinque Terre
Travel Cinque Terre

Legend has it that the houses are so colourful because fisherman out at sea wanted to be able to look to shore and see their homes. Now, the colourful houses make for beautiful pictures as tourists come to Cinque Terre to hike, eat, and enjoy the weather. Small boutiques, restaurants, and bars line the streets, while old churches and lookout points can be visited.

Seafood is a must due to the vicinity to the waters. The mountainside is also home to grapes and olives which make for authentic local wines. Gelato shops, especially in Corniglia, are popular – the local honey gelato is mandatory! The region is also known for pesto.

Travel Cinque Terre
Travel Cinque Terre

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