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Brazilian Japanese Fusion at Temakinho Brera

Brazilian Japanese Fusion Temakinho Brera

It was my last week in Milan and we were looking to celebrate the end of exams with a non-Italian dinner. After some research, we found Brazilian Japanese fusion restaurant Temakinho Brera. Find out what Brazilian Japanese is, why we were blown away, and where you can experience it outside of Milan!

Located conveniently in the artistic Brera district, I remember walking by Temakinho Brera twice, expecting a mid-size restaurant. Little did we know that it was a two-story restaurant, complete with outdoor seating under white tents.

The Interior

Brazilian Japanese Fusion at Temakinho Brera

Opting to sit inside, the interior of Temakinho Brera immediately wowed me. This restaurant is truly beautiful from head to toe. The space can be described as white and minimal with pops of colour. The wall of windows allow a lot of natural light revealing walls covered with green plant illustrations. Even the ceilings are well-decorated! However, my absolute favourite detail is the floors. Unlike regular tiled floors, each tile is unique with different colours and patterns.

Brazilian Japanese Fusion at Temakinho Brera
Brazilian Japanese Fusion at Temakinho Brera

The Food

We ordered three sushi rolls and really enjoyed the presentation. The rolls were colourful and and I was surprised by how fresh the fish was. The Brazilian fusion, which we were all very curious about, was not only in the colour, but in the explosion of taste. While I can’t remember the exact names of the three rolls we ordered, I was extremely impressed and believe any of their rolls are made to the same standards.

Brazilian Japanese Fusion at Temakinho Brera
Brazilian Japanese Fusion at Temakinho Brera

The Drinks

One of the best things about Temakinho Brera are the cocktails! The cocktails are known as “caipirinha”, which is made up of Brazilian cachaças, sugar, lime and fresh fruit pulp. We ordered the passionfruit and strawberry and found both to be very strong. This was another pleasant surprise as cocktails at restaurants tend to have less alcohol (aka what you’re paying for)! Many come for drinks after dinner and it’s no surprise that you’ll see a cocktail at every table. Alternatively, they also serve Brazilian beer!

Brazilian Japanese Fusion at Temakinho Brera

Overall, this Brazilian Japanese fusion experience is memorable and recommended for all. Temakinho actually has other locations in Ibiza, London, and Rome! Be sure to try it if you’re in any of these cities. Widely popular, try to make a reservation beforehand to bypass the lines (especially in Italy).

Corso Garibaldi, 59
20121 Milano
+39 02 7201 6158    

Mon-Sun 12-3pm, 7-12am

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