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Toronto: Scarborough Bluffs

scarborough bluffs beach

Most commonly known for its beach, Scarborough Bluffs Park also has quite a view. Recently, it has become a popular place for pictures as it is a sight to behold from the cliffs that overlook the beach and park. We were extremely lucky as it turned out to be a beautiful, clear day with just a bit of breeze to keep us cool from the summer heat.


Many people go straight to parking on the beach; however, we realized we could park at the top and make our way down to the beach. We parked on a street in a residential area and from there, we hopped the fence to get to this view.

There was actually quite a few people there already (with their selfie sticks) capturing the majestic view. If you are feeling extremely dangerous, you can also make your way onto the point like the guy sitting below. Keep in mind there are no barriers so do not do anything you would not be comfortable with.


To get to the beach below, we found a small “trail”. Trail being the underfoot of many adventurous people who tried to force their way down. If you do decide to attempt it, please wear running shoes as I made the mistake not to, which made the walk/climb down particularly scary. There were quite a number of lost flip flops on the trail. Never go after rain as I can imagine that the soft sand on the floor can easily become very slippery.

The beach itself is a small strip of sand that is quite clean. Many people parked their yachts relatively close to the shore. One had their music blasting, which was actually quite nice and fitting for the atmosphere. Others were very prepared with coolers, large umbrellas, and super cute dogs.


This beach is a great place if you want to tan, play, and spend time out in the sun! I would recommend the beach even if you don’t go to see the view from the top. I would also highly recommend seeing the view if you are not a beach person. The water is beautiful to be in on a warm, sunny day and it is a lovely place to bring your family, date, or friends!

Scarborough, ON, M1N 3Z5

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