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10 x 10 Challenge

In preparation for our upcoming trips, we decided we would talk about how we pack and also try the 10 x 10 Challenge. If you haven’t heard of the 10 x 10 challenge, head on over to Stylebee and check it out! We will both be creating a capsule closet for our trips using only 10 items. The goal of this challenge is to help us pack light for our trips, experiment with our closet and push us out of our comfort zones.

I have always been an over packer. I pack for all the in cases. In case I rip my pants. In case it gets cold. In case I stain. In case we go somewhere nicer. I always end up packing way too many items and probably end up only wearing half of what I brought. Over my last couple of trips, I’ve gotten a lot better at I’ve started to cover for less in cases. Through my daily reading, I stumbled upon the 10 x 10 Challenge and thought, why not give it a try. In the process I convinced Janice to join me during her trip as well. Where are we both heading to? You’ll find out very soon.

Our Basic Guidelines

  1. Pick any 10 items from our closet
  2. Outerwear, shoes, accessories, bags, undergarments, sleep and gym wear not included
  3. Create 10 outfits (in Janice’s case, 8)

The reason I decided to exclude shoes from our 10 pieces was because I’ll be traveling to somewhere warm, where sweating is inevitable and re-wearing without washing is impossible.

The Formula

  • 5 tops
  • 3 bottoms
  • 1 skirt
  • 1 dress

Stay tuned to see how travelling light worked out for us!

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